6 May 2010

Marine Drive, Nariman Pt

Work Space Mumbai: 5 Star Kitchen

The new look of Indian Cuisine

These pictures were clicked for a Tehelka story by Gaurav Jain, who spent a few days with the 42-year-old Master Chef at Ziya, the New Oberoi.


Paul Nixon said...

I still prefer the good old honest, no-frills, pile it high approach.

Mumbai Paused said...

That's exactly what the people in the kitchen did at the end of the shift. Pile their plates high with biryani and dig in with their hands.

Kamini said...

That was plates of food? Who would want to eat that?! Somewhat like a scarily beautiful, over-dressed woman that people admire from afar!

Mumbai Paused said...

Those photographs were pasted above the kitchen counter for reference. :)

monsoon-dreams said...

mouth-watering,but i dont know how many plates of this food would be enough to satisfy a decent hunger.i love to eat like we have mallu sadya.so satisfying to eyes,and belly.

bythewindowsill said...

I am all for minimalism and zen... but this seems cruel to the stomach and water levels. :D

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