1 Jun 2010

Off NH48, Near Uran

Container City.

Entire hillsides have been levelled in this part of Navi Mumbai, around the Jawaharlal Nehru Port (JNPT) to make place for the sea of containers of all colours and nationality. That's something that would have not been possible in the island city. Dammit! These containers have more personal space than us Mumbaikars!

This place would be a short hop from the Island city's eastern coast if the proposed bridge will be built. The smart ones have already gobbled up the prime real estate.

Short Cut:
For those of you who drive down the NH17 to the Konkan and Goa, this road that's a straight drive from the Palm Beach Road and Seawoods will save you at least half an hour or more of driving time and the traffic you would encounter if you take the regular route through Panvel.

Route: Palm Beach Road (6 lane)- Uran Road (6 lane) - Take the underpass (below NH48) to Chirner (2 lane) - take a left at Chirner towards NH17 Toll Booth (Patalganga bridge).


Nilay said...

The Containers contain what the city doesn't contain!

bythewindowsill said...

gawd, hills leveled??

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