30 Aug 2010

Pedestrian Underpass. Kharghar Station

Breaking or B Boying

The break dance style that emerged in Inner City America is now filtering down into Mumbai Suburbs and small towns across India. Though it has been around for some time simply as break dance, with Michael Jackson as the ambassador, the energetic, adrenaline-filled evolutions of the acrobatic dance form and the name has become popular thanks to the talent shows on television.

In the Hindi General Entertainment space, it's Zee TV's Dance India Dance, hosted by Mithun 'Disco Dancer' Chakraborty that has made the dance form popular. Just like similar programmes on almost all regional language entertainment channels across India.

The graffiti here advertises a Dance School in the education hub of Kharghar on the Harbour Line, close to the proposed international airport.


MJ said...

The amateurish graffiti is funny :)
Have seen some boys practice regularly at a nearby park and boy these guys are a treat to watch.

Gauri Sharma said...

very interesting photographs.

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