18 Aug 2010

Western Express Highway

For the buckets of rain that drenches this city at this time of the year and the lack of proper drainage, and the sheer number of vehicles we drive, our roads are pretty decent. That's because some wise guy about 2 decades back set the concrete-isation of the roads rolling. I wish other cities in India would do the same too.

The rain, sea, humidity and the heat are not very kind to the roads, the city and the people who live here. If we humans were to abandon the city, it will take Mother Nature just a couple of monsoons to reclaim this city and return it to the original islands. However there's a good chance that the concrete roads will remain.


ravi deshpande said...

Yes. Quite true.

Marijke said...

i love thefirst one ..
simple and beautiful.
what u say abt the empty city and everything back to normal
well i think we cant do a try out..can we.?
but maybe ur right

Simz said...

Well put.

Mumbai monsoon is legendary , yet you've managed to have a fresh take on it :)


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