28 Sep 2010

7 Bungalows

All Izz Well.

The first thing to catch the eye when you meet Swanand Kirkire is the Mala made of beads around his writing hand. When asked, he was quick to clarify that it holds no religious meaning. He just likes the feel of it in his hands. I guess he chants, "All Izz Well", the mantra that has caught the nation's imagination.

In this article in Tehelka, Swanand says, “I thought All Izz Well was a more likely candidate for a few national awards.”

Swanand loves the smell of new notebooks. In fact, he collects notebooks. Luckily for us, it's not just hit songs for the silver screen that fill these pages. Writing lyrics is just one of the things that fill these pages. He defines himself as a story teller and we can look forward to movies and plays to come alive on these crisp pages.

The next chapter of Swanand's story in Mumbai has just begun with this year's National Award.

More about Swanad Kirkire, in this week's Tehelka.


Marijke said...

Perfect ..

Ash said...

Very nice!

magiceye said...

marvelous images!

Iniyaal said...

Beautiful capture of emotions.

सतीश पंचम said...

hmm..nice one.

bythewindowsill said...

someone is doing a lot of nice work for tehelka. I am envious. :(

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