12 Sep 2010

Ganesh Galli, Lalbag

The largest bull to ever block a Mumbai Galli!

The Mysore theme pandal in Ganesh Galli also features a replica of the 3rd largest Nandi statue on Chamundi Hills, Mysore and the Chamundeshwari Temple. It's a scaled down version and by itself, could easily rate in the top 10 largest Nandi statues.

The largest Nandi is the one in Lepakshi(Close to Hindupur, Andra Pradesh). The one in Mysore is the 3rd largest. The Ganesh Galli one seems to be a little smaller than the one 4th largest in Bull Temple, Bangalore. And about the same as the one in Rameshwaram (5th largest, in South TN). And I just realised that of the 8 biggest Nandis, I haven't seen only one - the second largest in Thanjavur, TN.

1. Lepakshi, AP
2. Brahadishwara, Thanjavur, TN
3. Chamundi Hills, Mysore, KA
4. Bull Temple, B'lore, KA
5, Rameshwaram, TN
6. Hoysaleshwara, Halebid, KA
7. Shantaleshwara, Halebid, KA
8. Vadaku-nathan, Trichur, KL
(Source: Wikipedia)

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Vandy said...

impressive...the kinda work that goes into a pandal.... one day you have pot hole ridden road and the next..you have a magnificent temple

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