12 Sep 2010

Sector 16, Vashi

Car Culture in Mumbai: The God Of Prosperity Hits The Road.

It's happening a little later than the rest of other boomtowns across India thanks to its better public transport system. But four wheelers are filling up the Greater Mumbai and the surrounding region faster than ever before, like Navi Mumbai. Here's a family, taking Ganesh out for immersion in their brand new car.


Lakshmi said...

The entire sankey road and lake is filled with frenzied drum beats, people screaming various choruses and trucks and vehicles filled with ganeshas..im watchg the spectacle fm home..thought of hitting the road later tonight, but dont want to get stuck in traffic

wildflower said...

Nice.. you capture these moments so appropriately, your pictures speak a lot :)

mumbai paused said...

Lakshmi: The madness is the same here. And will go on for a week or more.

Wildflower: Thank you!

callezee said...

Hard to capture picture like this ,Good effort

monsoon dreams said...

good ones.love the way you have captured the movement in the second pic.

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