27 Nov 2010

Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Road

That was Bombay. That fuckin' sexy bitch.


The knife said...

Fantastic composition. We want her back

PreeOccupied said...

I had the same Nazia Hassan poster, and all her albums. :-) Saw some of your photography on your FB profile. Awesome work.

The knife said...

I got my dad to buy me Disco Diwane. I was 8 then. New to India. We used to play it in our car stereo as I'd switch on the portable car fan he bought me from Hobby Centre

28 years later I walk by the store you clicked Gopal...and thinks for Following Fish

mumbai Paused said...

Thank you.

Every time I walk down those streets something or the other from the past keeps popping up. Love that street!

Vidya Sury said...

Indeed! Great "nostalgia" value!

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