21 Dec 2010

Shell Colony Road, Chembur

Little Beelzebubs.

I have never understood why children of Mumbai throw stones at trains and buses. The problem was and is so severe that Indian Railways had to spend crores to cover all the local trains windows with grills to stop passengers from getting hurt.

That hasn't stopped the little Davids. Now only people stand at the door (or gate as it is called in Mumbai) get hurt.

The kids shown above were doing something similar. They were shining sunlight on to passing drivers below the Highway using mirrors. To them it's harmless fun, the toy of the day, a basic lesson in optics.

The Mumbaiya word for what they are doing is "Masti".

After seeing these pics, Askios, has this to say:
If a child hasn't received compassion and respect, how can we expect them to understand these concepts?


Siddhartha Joshi said...

very thoughtful post. though the images beautifully capture what you say, the fact remains that something needs to be done, not about the problem in itself, but about its root.

am not even sure if its only 'masti' which prompts them to be like this. maybe its a vent to all the anger that's filled up inside...

Prutha said...

wow... if i look at the pictures without reading the post, i am in awe os the mirror in each picture...i loveeeeee itttt soo much as a concept in photography and art and composition...

but when i read the ost and understand the cruel form of fun the compassionless kids have, i dont know to feel...just like soo many things in india leaves me feeling... helpless, sorry and angry at the same time

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