16 Dec 2010

Sion-Panvel Highway

Work-Space Mumbai. International Permit Holder.

Name: Hakimullah. Born in Bihar, lives in Mumbai.

Employer: Mahindra.

Occupation: Driver

Job description: Deliver new Mahindra jeeps and pick-ups across India (from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, Gujarat to Arunachal), Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China (across the NE border). He's been doing this for 30 years.

Home: Kandivali (East)

Real Home: NH, SH, Tarred Road, Kutcha Road, Non-existent roads, etc.

Current delivery: Thrishur in Kerala.

Route: Mumbai - Pune - Belgaum - Dharwad - Karwar Rd - Kundapura - Mangalore bye-pass - Kozhikode - Thrishur.

Asset: Strong. Very strong back.

35.3 kms. Kandivli to Vashi Toll Naka.

He drives vehicles with temporary registration and has his regular brush with cops across India.

According to him, the worst and most corrupt cops are in Mumbai (not rest of Maharashtra) and the most helpful and least corrupt in Kerala. Bihar used to be bad but he says that it's improved a lot. And UP will never change.

It's not a lonely job. There are enough hitch-hikers, like these men at the back and me next to Hakimullah to keep him talking and awake. His next stop was near Pune where they have designated hotels to rest before he starts again early in the morning.

OK Tata Mahindra. Love your job.


Vidya Sury said...

this one's fabulous. talk of unsung heroes!

Marijke said...

i love the first one
waiting for the red lights???
he seems in dreamland must had a long day the moon is perfect in this foto

vidu said...

liked the 1st 3 images...

Slogan Murugan aka Gopal M S said...

Thank you.

Marij: yes. He was waiting for hsi turn at the toll booth.

Vidu: Thanks. The last one was an afterthought. I realised after I got off that I didn't have picture of the vehicle.

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