4 Jan 2011

Akurli Road, Kandivli (E)

A street-side quack and his consulting room.

Work Space Mumbai - Dr Feelnogood

Whatever your ailment, there's one condition any visitor to a clinic or hospital in Mumbai will carry back home - claustrophobia.

This Maruti Omni van probably has more space than your average Mumbai clinic or consulting room. And this picture was clicked in the Western Suburb. Mumbai's fastest growing region and the worst when it comes to decent hospitals. You can count the number of half decent hospitals with the fingers of a single hand and for a population that's a few millions and growing.

And the half decent ones, they are designed to wipe out your life savings if you do not have proper insurance. That is, if you manage to reach a hospital in time. The arteries of this part of the city are clogged. If you value your life, it's probably safer to take the next train or flight out of the city, if you manage to reach in time.


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O my!!! thanks a lot for showing the parts of our own country which i never would have seen,if it weren't for ur snaps.

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