27 Jan 2011

RK Singh Marg, Andheri (E)

Mobility and Dignity.

In this week's Tehelka Magazine is the inspiring story of Ferdinand J Rodricks by Aastha Atray Banan.

He says, "every man should own his independence, and should not have to depend on anybody or anything. Little wonder then that the 49-year-old is dedicating his life to helping disabled people achieve the kind of mobility that most of us take for granted — drive a car."

If you know someone who needs to modify a car, he can be reached on +91 98201 20556 or 022-28640861. He's among the very few in India who is certified to do it.

This is not his day job, he runs a car sales and service facility and modifies cars in his free time. That would mean that he won't charge the sky to make the changes and he can custom design the vehicle based on your need and depth of your pocket.

He's seen here with Sanjay L Joshi who drives a car modified for his need by Ferdinand. They met when Sanjay, a businessman running a cooking gas distribution agency, felt that he needed to move around without anyone's help. Today, they are close friends and this quick photoshoot was an opportunity for them to meet, share stories and pull each other's legs.

And that's a scale model of an Indian navy warship made by Sanjay.

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