10 Jan 2011

V Thackersay Marg + Pali Market + Akurli Road

Smoking, playing games on the mobile, solving crosswords, calling up friends, cricket commentary, power nap, snacking, or reading. Whether it's waiting for customers or waiting to reach somewhere in the city, go-getter Mumbaikars find many ways to control their life's momentum.

But the No 1 activity that's seen in the backseats of BMWs and 4th seat in crowded second class compartments is the booklet called "Hanuman Chalisa". It's the preferred calming device for the jumping primate in most of us. The largest selling self help book in the city. It seems to be the lullaby of the grown-ups.

Legend: The chant was supposed to have been composed by Tulsi Das in prison. That was when Emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned him and tested his patience.


june said...

Love it.
So true about the Hanuman Chalisa.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

And the other "chants". Whatever works!

Prutha said...

u have an incredible sense of composition...love the first 2 pics...

and i cant stop laughing about the hanuman chalisa

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