14 Feb 2011

Off Station Road, Dharavi

In last week's Tehelka magazine, I clicked a few pictures to support a story by Aastha Atray Banan called "Anish Kapoor goes to Dharavi".

Here are a few side shots from the Slumdog Tourism event. The exhibition in the heart of Dharavi was organised by three NY based artists and the people who came to see were mostly expats and Mumbaikars armed with cameras like me. As for the locals, here's what Tehelka had to say:

"a befuddled housewife could be heard wondering, “Why are these people here?” or a paanwala ruing, “These guys have not even left us any place to pee.” The artists may go back with a new-found respect for India’s poor and their resilience, but it’s difficult to say how much the residents of the slum really felt part of it."

Beedu, we know what people do for a living over here. Go show it in New Yark.


So when will they show Dabangggg?

The people who came to see the exhibition became the exhibits.

The Slumdog Gallery.

And finally the section the locals loved. A wall with their own photographs.


Melody Laila said...

Loved the pics! Super shots Slo!

Curry Spice said...

Hey G, What fun though I must say. Whether it makes sense or not I think its important to interact with art and the making process. I was really curious abt what happened to the left over empty wax pellets from the Anish Kapoor show. Wish I had followed up with it- would have loved to see this installation. Lovely pics.

poornima said...

Lovely photos & great captions - 'so when will they show Dabangg?' - priceless

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you, Melody. :)

Most things in Mumbai go to Dharavi to be recycled. Same with Anish's and our shit :)\\


Shreya said...

All those pictures with the blue drums are so so so beautiful. :)

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