14 Mar 2011

Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk (Churchgate Stn)

Stick More Bills.

For the country with the most number of illiterates, our walls are well-lettered. Modern Indian history is written on the walls of the country. What's written, scribbled, pasted, spat and pissed upon define the people who make up the country. Their fears, anger, dreams, etc., even perversions find a voice here. Our walls are the silent scream of the people.

On this piece of wall at Eros Theater, cops chase a suspected criminal alongside an ad for a Kannada movie starring Shivarajkumar (Title: Cheluveye... Ninna Nodalu - Beautiful Girl... just to see you). It's a one-time show only, on a Sunday morning for the hardworking boys from Western and North Western Karnataka who work in Udipis. Sunday morning is the only day they get off.

Next to angry man lover from Karnataka is the story of a chase. Unlike the Kannada movie where the Hero fights the goons and gets the girl he chased before 'Shubham' (The alternative to The END that's used in Kannada movies), wonder how that chase will end. And if we will ever know the truth.

1 comment:

Prutha said...

is the terror suspect pic even legit or someone just playing a prank?

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