8 Mar 2011

Dhobi Talao

Surviving Trades Of Mumbai: Typewriters

In a world where people write with thumbs, flying fingers from another century.

However, there are many typewriters and typists around, especially around our courts which only proves that our judiciary is as old-fashioned as manual typewriters. Bharat Sarkar has no will to change that though. But it can move real fast if it wants to. Example: The Income Tax department which keeps honing its tools every year. Or to trouble Binayak Sen. But when real Maoists strike, like in Orissa recently, Bharat Sarkar moves like the old men in thick glasses who go from place to place repairing unrepairable typewriters and Bullet motorcycles.

So, when's the next election? Can't wait to say, YOU ARE FIRED!

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you prat ! said...

Amazing blog on Mumbai!

The Globetrotter said...

it happens only in india...jai ho!

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