11 Mar 2011

Dr B R Ambedkar Road

Surviving Trades of Mumbai: Corn Removal

Some of us Google to avoid going to a doctor, others visit this street side sucker with instant road side cure for corns, etc. plus 'Peticure' and 'Manycure'. A dramatic treatment style, celebrated here in the announcement helps.

Move up the same road towards KEM and the cancer hospital and you can even find the cure for AIDS and Cancer.

See the full series: Surviving Trades Of Mumbai


Curry Spice said...

totally bizarre. i wonder what the pedicure is like. If its anything like my previous experience.. then.. mmmmm.

The Globetrotter said...

''Peticure'' ....interesting...and i wonder what's happening in the second picture...it seems like soneone's being tortured :P :P

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