5 Mar 2011

Dr DN Road + Victoria Road

Surviving Trades of Mumbai: A Surviving Head-Dress.

Ear cleaners are not just surviving in Mumbai (or India), they are flourishing. However, in Mumbai they continue to use a distinctive head-dress that sets them apart from the bare-headed people we have become.

If you have the time, please do visit the well-maintained (surprising for an Indian museum) Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Mumbai City Museum outside the Byculla Zoo. It's got a beautiful collection of the people of Mumbai from the 19th Century. There isn't a single community or trade featured in the museum without a distinctive head-dress.


Anu said...

very interesting.. have seen these people, but never noted the head-dress... as to the museum, have been planning to go for a while now,but now shall def go soon :)

Curry Spice said...

I got a foot massage at the gateway by this guy called akhtar. the best massage ever. seriously. no head dress though.

Sassy Fork said...

can one take pictures inside the museum? have been wanting to go there since quite a while

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