21 Mar 2011

Mia Md. Chhotani Rd (Mahim) + Station Road (Thane)

Anonymous Gattu's Masterpiece: Tatlin's Tower.

See the story and drawing of Tatlin's Tower on Wikipedia: Tatlin's Tower or the Monument to the Third International.

Who is Gattu?

Gattu was the old Asian Paints painter boy-man created by none other than RK Laxman. He's supposed to have been dropped as a mascot but the wall painters around India continue to paint him on the walls and shutters of paint shops, like this metal cut-out in Thane.

Thanks Jyotika of 'Follow My Recipe' for pointing out the Tatlin connection and link.


Curry Spice said...

Up close it does look like the tatlin tower. i did nt know Gattu was no longer a mascot. Should pay more attention to advertising. :)

Vidya Sury said...

As soon as I saw "Gattu" I was so curious to see this. I still have a biggish cardboard cutout of Gattu :-) What fond memories. This "masterpiece" certainly looks authentic! Like Curry Spice, I was sad to see that Gattu has been forgotten. Trust you to catch that pic, Gopal!

Sanjana M said...

These pictures look great in black and white

Shyam Panicker said...

oh wow...i learnt of this gattu jus now....amazibg photos...:-)

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