1 Mar 2011

NM Joshi Marg

Surviving Trades of Mumbai: One of the last remaining Letter Press.

There's no need to 'press' anymore and the only reason for Lata Printers on NM Joshi Marg opposite the Govt. Press to not close down its doors for good is because the owner, a South Kanara man, is holding it as a future office space for his Chartered Accountant son who will be starting his own shop here, soon. Come back here in a year's time and you will see the third generation of a family at work. But one thing is sure, the grandson will not be continuing the family business.

But right now, this is one of the last surviving Letter Press in Mumbai (There are a couple of others near Grant Road). He prints the occasional wedding cards in Kannada and English for the local Bunt community. The Bunts are multi-lingual like the wonderful place they come from - South Kanara or Dakshina Kannada and Udipi Districts in the Karavali region of Karnataka. They speak Tulu, read Kannada and in Mumbai, speak the best Marathi among South Indians.

Lata Press also prints menus for the hotels and permit rooms owned by the community but the major income comes from numbering receipts.

Technology worth its weight, as scrap.

No drop down menu here, just pull out the right drawer and choose your fonts and line space.

The days are numbered for both of them. Including the numbering machine on the right.

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wandering soul said...

beautiful series and equally sad to see people losing their employment to changing trends.

pRiyA said...

Last one? I'm so glad you took pictures then. We still have a few here on those roads off Commercial street. At least I still see the big wheels there. Don't know whether they are still functional or they do other stuff.

Debu Barve said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful story. simply loved your post!

Curry Spice said...

Gopal - Ive been looking for a letter press in Mumbai. Last letterpress around. OMG. Simply super capture of the space. I love the photo of the work table

Sassy Fork said...

lovely photoes,sad to see that the press will be shutting shop soon

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