25 Apr 2011

Mahapalika Marg

I paused when I saw what was printed on these two books that was lying in an box filled with old books. The books were lying outside a Hindi movie set at the Elphistone Technical College. These were the books bought from a second hand book seller to fill an imaginary college or office in movies.

But what is the chance of finding Union Carbide Safety Log Book in Mumbai? Was it part of some old movie set? Inside the book were a few account entries made in 2007 by some else.

I looked around for more and found this file too. The books and file looked like they were made in pre-computerised days. But the sticker in the picture does not look that old. I don't remember markers like that being used on 1983 that didn't fade.

But this is Mumbai, one can never say what is real and what is Mayanagari.

What Union Carbide? What Safety? Read about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy here.

And finally, this is how we view safety in India:


Curry Spice said...

I dont know any hindi movie made on the event. Even if it was for a set someone might just have been creative in naming the files and books. Strange. The cooking shows on the food network in the US cannot show any branded products, so when using a ketchup, mustard, canned food etc. in their episodes, the food information on the food products including the name is filled in with imaginary words and stories, poems, love letters by the graphic design staff.
Did u keep the book? Maybe its portent. Maybe my imagination is flying.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

No. I didn't keep it. I keep photographs :)

june said...

So you just left all that behind? Did you take a good look at all that was in there? Maybe a few random clicks of the pages?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Yes. I did take a good look at waht was in there. It was numbered and empty inside except for a few account jottings which had nothing to do with UCIL.

If there was something, I would have tried to take it,

Prutha said...

his tee is soo ironically cool... nice capture MS

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