23 Apr 2011

Vashi Railway Station

Work Space Mumbai Series.

Pause to see this young girl who waits neat to sell jasmine flowers she and her family probably got up early in the morning and strung. They will be picked up women on their way to work and fish sellers. Unlike Mumbai's local stations, Navi Mumbai platforms do not have food and other stalls. That's because they were designed much later and are located at the entrance.

However, some hawkers like the girl above do sell their wares to commuters. A hawker who sells Bhel Puri is expected to pay Rs 1500 a day, (if he manages to sell his full quota) to the stall owner who has hired him to work on the platform. He keeps anything more than that. One way to make money is reduce the quantity in each serving. So it's not surprising that the serving size tends to reduce as time goes by. And yes, there's an amount that has to given to the kotwals.

However, I didn't pause to ask the girl how much she makes.

Note: Shot using Lumix LX3 pin-hole camera mode


Sassy Fork said...

lovely picture!

Anil P said...

It is plenty of hard work for sure. Quite like the look on her face and the way the face is turned to what I assume is a train pulling into the station.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you.
Yes. The train was pulling into the station. Around 8 in the morning.

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