18 Apr 2011

World Trade Centre. Cuffe Parade

Her first tattoo. A visitor discovers truth in the advertising on the wall behind her.

Pleasure in pain at India Ink. India's first Tattoo Convention.

From the permanent bindi of Maharashtrian women to tiny cross on the right hand popular along the West Coast. Hanumans on the forearms to rangoli patterns made using crude heated needles, India has the largest number of tattoo wearing people in the world. They are the dark blue black kind but they are fast being replaced by colourful and hygienically created tattoos top down. And the best tattoo artists from across India and Nepal came together at Mumbai's World Trade Centre.

A tattoo artist advertises his painting skills at a stall at India Ink.

Painful grooming. It was not just tattoos that were on offer. The more painful it is, the better.

The equipment. For sale and use.

The venue was jam packed and most of the people were people who were getting tattoos for the second or nth time. Because, this was were Mumbaikars could choose the best from all over India at one place. And for the first timers, it was like fire walking. It's easier to do it in a crowd. You don't walk on fire in a lonely place.

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Prutha said...

wish i could have been there to see this... just read aastha's article too.. but i found that girls comment in her article very funny..she said she didnt want to get a butterfly or something cliched like that ... but she eneded up getting a UNICORN instead...hehehe...and that's not cliched according to her? im sorry im lmao here.. its just too funny to me..

also im sure a huge amount of ppl got ohm's but did u get any pictures of some other cool tattoos?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

I have an Om Tattoo too. Got it 10 years back. I want to remove it and get a nice new one but my wife has refused to let me do it. Most of the tattoos were the standard favourites. I got a few other tattoos. But I was concentrating on getting photographs of people and the buzz at the place than the tattoos. These images were actually shot for Tehelka. But the magazine rejected my photographs. I think that's because I didn't click enough tattoos. I guess that's what people would like to see.

Lesson learnt.

Prutha said...

hey, there is always a next time... we learn new things every day right?

so have u ever posted a pic of yourself on the blog? i want to know what u look like...lol.. im a curious cat that all...

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Yes. Next time.

Pics. Just this one: The first image http://mumbaipaused.blogspot.com/2010/07/29th-road-pali-naka.html

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gopalms

d i l i p said...

Very nice series! Would love to see more photographs though. :)

Curry Spice said...

U have a tattoo? Where? Almost made it to the convention.

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