18 May 2011

Cotton Green

Mumbai's Taste Makers.

They are the ambassadors of Mumbai and Bollywood. More precisely, the Bollywood of the truck driver fantasy. A world where Kumar Sanu is always No 1. Salman Khan is the Big B and Bhagyashree, her replacement Bhoomika Chawla and his ex-girlfriends Ash-Katrina are the only stars who matter.

Meet the boys who paste the reflective stickers on the trucks that come to the Mumbai Port. Trucks from all over India come to what was the Greens were Cotton used was shipped to the world. These days it's not cotton, it's mostly steel that comes in rolls, waiting to shipped to the rest of India and made into automobiles, air conditioners and refrigerators. Along with the steel and the other goods they carry, these two lads add a little bit of Mumbai masala to the trucks. Reflective art that tattoo the Tata, Ashok Leyland (Soon tione renamed Hinduja Leyland) and Volvo trucks with little bits of Mumbaiya style.

जलते हैं दुश्मन, खिलते हैं फूल جلتے ہیں دشمن ، کھلتے ہیں پھول The enemy burns with jealousy, the flower blooms.

सिर्फ तुम صرف تم Only you.


Radha said...

love the way you dig out these stories :)

MJ said...

Nicely done. Just wondering - Can you read Urdu script?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

No, I can't read urdu but the Hindi transliteration software from google worked well for hindi, so I assumed urdu would be correct too. Waiting for someone to read and tell me if that's true.

Why Urdu? because earlier, many bollywood films show the name in Urdu too.

Suhail said...

MS, I can confirm, that the Google's Urdu transliteration is indeed correct.

Slogan Murugan said...

Thank you, Suhail. :)

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