25 May 2011

Kharghar Hills

Running Scars. Inside and Outside.

On the other arm of this retired sailor (top) is Popeye. He's given his right arm to his current passion, running. And who better than this Tintin in motion and below that is a man and a woman running.

Shown below is another of the runners with a clear skin but a scar deep inside. He suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and survived only because he was a runner and his blood had more oxygen than in a normal couch potato like you and me. It not only helped him survive but also recover from paralysis of one half of the body. He was up and running in a short time and outruns most of the other runners.

Read the full Tehelka story by Nishita Jha for which these images were clicked, here: What we talk about when we talk about running

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