2 Jun 2011

Golibar Road, Khar (E)

Test Reactor

Peepli Live! Protest sites are like a movie set. Medha Patkar's protest in Khar (E) was a scaled down version of the same. But size does not matter, this one is going to have a fallout.

Over the next few years, Dharavi is going to go through a massive makeover. Many of the issues that are being raised here on Golibar road will be raised there and the scale is much, much larger. One issue: People don't just live here. The homes are also their work places and the cages that are buillt to re-house them will need to have provision for them to continue their home-based business. How is that going to be easy?

Let's just hope that it's going to be smooth.

Meanwhile, 10 steps away from the protest pandal with its movie set like atmosphere, life goes on at a different pace. Here are a few images from the Golibar:

The newly popular term : Buildershahi. The reign of the builders. The builder today is like the black market grain sellers of the 1950s,60s and 70s.

Meanwhile, around the colony, people pick up pieces for rebuilding their homes.

Or just go about their lives.

The homes may have gone but the doctor does his usual rounds.

And the Mumbaiya concept of giving coloured pills in packets continue here. Bright Reds, yellows, etc. In the more upmarket areas, doctors no longer give away loose coloured pills in packets.

And no. This was not a protest drawing. It was part of a wall in the far corner of a house that was pulled down.

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