16 Jul 2011

New Link Road, Andheri (W)

Making the slap, stick! Sajid and Farhad Samji

Sajid and Farhad have made it in Mumbai as dialogue/screenplay writers and lyricists. They are on a roll, especially after a string of hits topped by the super hit "Ready". Like the other comedy writers we met while doing the story, they are not just writers, they are all actors. And these two are a double act.

Prasoon Joshi, another lyricist, writer, ad man and my old boss, once told a story about how advertising agencies in Indonesia present their scripts to clients. Prasoon felt that the Indonesian Bhasa is an evolving language, compared to Indian or European languages and the ad agencies there enact ads instead of narrating scripts. They would carry musical instruments, props and do an elaborate skit to present an idea. Because words were not enough.

Prasoon must be writing for a different set of film makers who understand the meanings of his words and verse but for Sajid-Farhad, enacting their scripts and especially the gags. work like magic. All their lives they have been making their families and friends laugh with their acts and today, they make most of India laugh until it hurts.

According to Sajid, they are now expected to entertain people every time they are around. Luckily, he says, of the 206 bones in his body, 205 are funny.

Read more about their life and work here:
Tehelka article by Sunaina Kumar on Bollywood comedy writers .

And all you friends from Bangalore from the 80s and 90s, you will recognize Sajid. he used to run a restaurant called Party in Koramangala and take you all out in his red Maruti van to play tennis ball cricket on Sundays. Yes. He's the same Sajid. And yes, he's just as funny.

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