13 Jul 2011

Sector 14, Vashi

Bullet Baba welcomes you to Rajasthan

A taste of home. Rajasthan via a Bullet Baba-blessed restaurant.

There are a lot of bachelors from Rajastan in Navi Mumbai. Traders, workers, students and executives. Several buses to Rajastan also arrive and depart from here daily and when they are stuck here in green Mumbai, the desert folks have dry food cooked just like they have at home, delivered to their doorsteps. Or, they walk to Kheteshwar Bhojanalay in Sector 14, near the Gaon Devi Mandir for a unlimited meal of hot Dal-Bati-Churma.

Bati and yellow nail polish.

You can easily spot the home sick boys from the others. Look at their fingers as the waiter serves them the Bati. With a touch of a finger, the hard ball of wheat crumbles into a fine powder. We on the next table used our fingers and we could do achieve that level of pulverization even after 5 minutes.

They also can eat a dozen of those highly nutritious unleavened wheat balls in one sitting. And yes, here too the quantity is unlimited. The combined taste of Dal Baati Churma had no trace of Mumbaiya influences and food is also served and savoured in a slow pace.

I assume from the faces of the rajasthani boys 'belting' (like they say in the south) one bati after another, that it must taste exactly like the ones made at home.

Who is the Buller baba? There's a famous shrine on NH65 near Pali in Rajasthan dedicated to the Royal Enfiled Bullet or Bullet Devata (popularly called Bullet Baba).

You can read the story of this shrine and rider of the Bullet, Om Banna here.

Ready for home delivery.

Thank you, Kuldeep and his Rajasthani roommate for taking me to this restaurant.


Iniyaal said...

Interesting :) The combination or Bhati and Nail Polish ... the zenith of street photography :)

Curry Spice said...

Next stop for dal batti churma- Bikaner in the market place... just go.. Now im suddenly craving churma. I love it

Pradeep said...

hi can u tell us the exact location of this place.

Pradeep said...

can u tell us the exact location of this place.

Pradeep said...

hi can u tell us the exact location of this place.

Slogan Murugan said...

It was in the market but it has since closed down.

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