10 Jul 2011

Sector 6, Sanpada

"Bold" Sunita Rambhal

Indians and especially Mumbaikars have this habit of taking an English word, twisting it and giving it a whole new meaning. But Mumbai has an advantage, thanks to films, television and music created here, the words created here go on to become part of the new indian kichdi lingo that jump linguistic borders.

One such word is "Bold".

And Sunita Rambhal is a bold model and actress. She is a bikini model, Debonair cover girl in the May issue and Bhojpuri film actress. She is called "Bold" because she is willing to appear in a Bikini and wear revealing clothes.

Read about her Bold and the other side here: Inside the world of Bikini model by Aastha Atray Banan in Tehelka.

These are the extra images from the shoot at her home where she lives with her joint family.

Bhabhi and nephew

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Anish said...

Great photos, I felt like I was back in Mumbai going through your posts! Subscribed and looking forward to your future posts!

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