8 Jul 2011

Off Main Road, Lokhandwala Complex

A Taste Of Home: "Strugglers" Dhaba

Guru Da Dabba is bang in the middle of Bollywood "strugglers" Central - Lokhandwala. It needs no introduction to those who have had their bit of struggle that is the integral part of probing the quicksand Mayanagari soil with your raw talent and star-in-the-eyes dreams. I'm not talking about only the people related to movies, television or music who outnumber the grains of sand on Versova beach. You could be an aspiring financial wizard too.

Living in this city is a struggle and this city is built on the dreams of millions who have come here to prove to their parents, their friends, their teachers, their neighbours or some invisible power that their dreams are not as foolish as they all think it is. They are ready to struggle to make it real. And this city can give you all kinds of difficulty, in any stage of your struggle.

Talk to the Sardarji or his daughter who run this Dabba and they will talk about the people who once struggled and after tasting success, have come back to eat here. They come back to show their wives and friends (Example: Madhavan, the actor) the place they used to eat when they were waiting for a break. To taste success, you have to first savour the taste of many very hard earned meals.

Look around and you see the Punjabi boys who still continue to stream in like the Kapoors, Anands, Kumars, Sunil Dutt or any of the many ____ Inders. However, now they can all retain their surnames.

And while they struggle, and try to make ends meet, this is one place they will come to. For a taste of home.

He will remind you of that skeptical old man of yours back home.

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Anonymous said...

I never visited but now I have to.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

:) Please do.

Zorba said...

any tips on food? just in case.

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