10 Aug 2011

Krantiveer Vasantrao Nail Marg. (Gowalia Tank)

That's what you get when you peel a city, layer by layer.

The Gowalia Tank area is a nice place to stroll with its ups and down, tighly packed spaces and a skyline that shows all the stages of evolution this city has been through. The streets and places are all named after freedom fighters (August Kranti Maidan where Mahatma Gandhi delivered his Quit India declaration is the main landmark of this place) , the buildings have names with colonial influence and the maidan is supposed to be built over a tank where the Gopalas used to wash their cows and buffaloes long before this city was born.


While you are peeling the city layer by layer with your eyes, this is what you will find at its heart. The New Sarkar Chai shop. The classic chai shop you will find all over this part of western India from Mumbai to Dharwad and Karwar. The old Bombay Presidency. There's not just tea, there's ginger being stores or dried in baskets all over the place. The walls have a smoky colour only age can prefect.

Some day, a Coffee Day and Costa clone will try to recreate this chai shop and add a futuristic real estate mark up and you will have conversation with friends worth Rs. 1000 per word., Rs. 4,000 for a cutting 'purse' chai.

Go have one in measurable naya paisas now.

Adrak Chai

Paan, Bidis, Cigarettes.

Chai Tray

The stove



Radha said...

lovely, lovely images :)

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you!

Curry Spice said...

Architecture, Urbanism & Food all in one. This post just won my heart.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Food looks tastier when set in the right background I guess. You get chai everywhere, but the place makes all the difference.

eyefry said...

Love it!

Marijke said...

u give me a grand duided tour trough Mumbai And i like it

Marijke said...

guided Sorrry my writing is very bad

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