6 Aug 2011

Mahapalika Marg

The Faces of The Faceless.

When we die in bomb blasts it hurts the world a little less. Compared to the lives lost in 5 star hotels. That's because we have no fucking face.We are like the expressionless kids with a pig-like face in that famous Pink Floyd video waiting to be slaughtered. We are like this because we are faceless. We are the like the shoes that are polished 5 Rs Sada, 7 Rs Cream, black and brown. We are all alike. We are cattle class.

But we do have faces and they are not the bloody ones, the dead ones that you are used to seeing lying beside the tracks with Barkha raining TRP. We are not just alive, we have a life and if you look at us closely, we have faces that reveal life stories.

Chirodeep's yet to be released book "the commuters" captures these lives. These faces. Their lives through their faces. Subtle yet stunning photos that make you think. It's accompanied by a beautiful essay by Jerry Pinto. While you wait for it you can take a train today and simply observe the person sitting in front of you.

The Commuters.

Chirodeep's website.

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