27 Aug 2011

Mahavirnagar, Kandivli (E)

Anup Kurian. Director. The Blueberry Hunt.

90% of my colleagues walk around with movie scripts and ideas in their heads and a passion for cinema and story telling that goes beyond logic. Many of them will finally realise their dreams, and to do that, they will don different roles, take different paths, stay awake several nights, and many other things before they finally manage to say their stories.

If you are one such person, Anup can be a inspiration for you. Gaurav Jain charts the path Anup took to make his film "The Blueberry Hunt" starring Naseeruddin Shah.

Read it here.

Also have a look at The Blueberry Hunt Facebook page to see how Anup is using social media to create buzz.

Anup Kurian at work.

What he is watching.

And his daily newspaper. Mathrubhoomi, Malayalam. Mumbai edition.

Must be the only newspaper on the stands that has a Gaddafi headline and not the Anna campaign by English, Hindi and Marathi newspapers. It reads: The End of The Gaddafi Yuga.

Anup is one of the rare filmmakers who does not plan to live in Mumbai full time. He comes to Mumbai only to make and promote his films. He says that he is an Indian film maker. Not a Mollywood or Bollywood filmmaker.

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