25 Aug 2011

Off Mohammed Ali Road

Feast in the age of indefinite fast: Eating the soup.

At the Bademiyan stall near Minara Masjid, you get two soups. Chicken and Jawaani (youth). The flavours of the Jawaani soup is better, it's called Jawaani because there's goat balls swimming in it. However, the blander chicken soup is better to bite into, especially if your mouth is not used to the texture of testicles. The flavours come from the spices and garnish shown above.

The following picture of me, the greedy pig (clicked by Shiva) will ensure that you would've lost all the appetite remaining after reading this post.


The knife said...

the soup sounds really interesting

Curry Spice said...

you are more of foodie than you like to make yourself out to be.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

You should try both Kalyan. It's pretty filling. Stopped me from eating many things!

Curry, Maybe...

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