28 Sep 2011

Off MG Road, Fort

Surviving Trades of Mumbai Series: Surviving Change

Everything co-exists in India, especially Mumbai. Especially the new and the old. The modern and the traditions with lines blurred. Those who resist continuing old methods and those who resist change.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that this city which always heralded (an obsolete word) change is no longer the cutting-edge (again a phrase that came and died). The overall balance of people in this city has tipped towards the resistors instead of the change makers. Or is that, the other cities in India, which resisted change have taken over or over taken us Mumbaikars?


Then there are those who complain about change. An example would be the noise a few tweaks Facebook did a few days back created from the young and the constantly changing. Facebook is a good example about the need for constant change and why it is not a Orkut, Ryze, Hi5 or any of the networks it replaced.

The good thing is that ones who complain are the ones who also adopt and use the change on Facebook best.

That's how it works on real life too. Surprisingly, among my friends, the one's who complain about change also seem to crib and adapt to the need and the volatility of life and environment. There's a simple trick to handle the change, you can use religion, numerology, etc. to balance the irrational doubts and emotions but mostly as an anchor to something that one feels is something that doesn't change.

Those who don't believe in such superstitions can follow the best advice anyone can give. Go read a book (or e-book).


Curry Spice said...

very nice story. and nicely done facebook angle. I think that there is so much innovation that is being experimented on us that in a way we want to resist it. This reflects in the way a city is as well. I think your observation is right. Mumbai is larger than the people who live in it. Some cities are like that. New York is such. Chicago wasnt.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

So you think Mumbai still has it?

Dilshad said...

To change, whether its a city or a social networking site, you need a solid foundation and faithful followers. Facebook has it, and Mumbai definitely does too!

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

very true. :)

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