15 Sep 2011

Filterpada + Wadala

"Corruption prohibited"

Watt a waste.
Snap Judgement for Time Out Mumbai September Issue

This sticker was pasted on all the electricity meters in M Phule Nagar, Filterpada during the build up for demanding the Jan Lok Pal by Anna Hazare and friends, before the monsoons.

Ideal location, except that none of the locals I asked knew or cared about who pasted it and why it was pasted. According to them, people keep pasting posters all over and who has the time to read them!

Here's another sticker that was screaming for attention at the same time.

And after the latest round of bombings, you would've seen these stickers all over the southern half of Mumbai.

Do you see anything suspicious here?


Debu Barve said...


Hope all the dangling cables in the first picture are outcome of the legal process, not involving any corruption. ;)

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

I seriously doubt it but you never know.

The Floating Clouds said...

Nicely captured, am sure you can do an entire series about posters, those ignored and those heeded. Some posters are badly mutilated because some readers do not agree with the message and some tempt the readers to let out their creative energies - like giving moustache or dark glasses to actresses :)

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