12 Sep 2011

Sector 9 Market, Vashi

Mumbai पाउस. When will it end?

The way it's raining this year, even past the traditional cut-off date, is surprising many. But is it surprising? It rained for longer than usual last year too and the year before that, but in spurts. In fact it was helped by a deep depression that died out just before it hit the Mumbai coast, a couple of years back.

However, it feels that it's going to rain until Diwali or Christmas. But it won't because the September and October heat will be here and we will soon be complaining about how hotter than usual it is and will wonder about global warming collectively.

The city god of this month in Mumbai, the king of gluttony, intelligence or prosperity, depending on the way you look at it, was sent off this year under cloudy skies and pot-holed roads. That didn't dampen the noise which given the size of Ganesha's ears, must have made him deaf and if he is intelligent as they claim he is, will not return the next year. Or maybe he will come back with something more than rains, because it didn't help much in reducing the deafening cacophony we are collectively able to 'mayhem'.

Here are a few images of Ganesha in the rain.

गाभ्रीचा पाऊस!


vidu said...

very good images!!

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you!

Zorba said...

brilliance. sheer brilliance.

Anonymous said...

Love this, love 'em all!
I've waded through waist-high floods in Mumbai - I don't think Mumbai Monsoon can ever be erased from my memory :)

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