6 Oct 2011

Kurla + Andheri

Patriotic citizen of the republic of cowrashtra.

Car Culture in Mumbai series 3. Jeep

For those who can't afford the larger cars or trucks that tower over other mortals, there's always the jeep. With an old jeep you don't need an international logo or the depth of the purse to make you feel different, you manufacture your own style.

See the full Series here: Car Culture.

Here are a couple of interesting videos about cars.
This song called Car Car Car from a Kannada movie that compared the car culture in America with the road sense in India. But it actually defines the car culture in Bangalore better.

And there's the Baba Sehgal statement which is more Delhi-ish because that was the first city in India where the middle-class took to four wheels first.

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Monika said...

I love 4th photo! :)

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