4 Nov 2011

B S Road, Dadar (W)

Work Space Mumbai Special: A Kapdawalla's Story. Part 7:
Khotwadi to Dadar

Nalin Jain was forced to say goodbye to Khotwadi a few months after he started his operations. And he moved to Dadar.

In Dadar, you can witness what i think is a very interesting shift. It's a change not just restricted to Dadar. There are a group of builders who are now building 'mall' style retail plus work spaces for businessmen and garment makers.

The rent is definitely higher than what you will pay in a chawl or one of the garment gaons. But there are enough businesses who are now ready to scale up. A big risk for Nalin but a good one to take.

This is the space where Nalin will commence his business from. It even has a window that faces the street where he can stick an ad for people on the street to see. It will function as a work space as well as a place where he can meet customers and vendors. He will also have to look for a new set of craftsmen.

Many of these mall-style workspaces are filling up fast. But when I asked if there is a chance that others from Khotwadi will also move, I was told that a few will, but most of them won't. They are very comfortable with the niche they have created for themselves in a place. Change is not easy.

But there are many who are not afraid of spending a little extra for the most precious commodity in Mumbai : Space. Here are a few other people who do business from the same place.

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