25 Nov 2011

Ceaser Rd. , Amboli

Aaj ka gunda raaj.

Indian democracy and Indian political parties are best depicted in the violence that is celebrated in B-grade movies in all the major Indian languages.

The angry young men runs into the Indian system in the neighborhood. In the Panchayat and Municipal wards. The pillars of Indian democracy are the muscles of the local goons and it is their muscles the hero usually tries to break. They succeed only in movies. Reality is Keenan and Reuben.

There's an aptly named party. Trinamool or Grassroots. When the grassroot goons of the grassroot party was arrested for gooning about, Mamta barged into a police station to flex her muscles. She came to power because she was fighting the kings of the game is grassroot goondaism anyways - the Reds.

It's the same here too. We have a lot more options. The unity in the diversity is the muscle.

When Sharad Pawar is slapped in Delhi, he flexes his muscles through the goons of the local ward in Kopri gaon. They also fill the party fund with their extortion. It's the same with all other parties. After failing in everything he tried, Rahul Gandhi is probably trying to puppet some gundagiri in UP. It's a tried and tested formula.

What if we do not have these goons at the local level?
What if the Mumbai police is actually free of political control to police?
What if we care who we will elect to the local ward?

If we had, we wouldn't have had the muscles that killed Keenan and Reuben.

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Curry Spice said...

so true and so sad... imagine.. said a wise man once who was killed at his own doorstep

Alberto Rojas said...

A deep post for my limited English. But I've come to understand the essence, especially when I'm finished reading the book "The Red Sari", describing the politics of India from Nehru, Indira, Sanjay, Rajiv, Maneka and Sonia Gandhi.

It's sad. And in our case of Venezuela, we don't know how to do movies where good triumphs, even in an imaginary world.

This is our third world.

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Yes. It's the same in the first world too but it is a little bit more evolved.

If Iberian America was a union like the Indian Union, it would be just like how India is now. Where Venezuela would be like an Indian state. Some states in India and their leaders are just like in Venezuela.

Alberto Rojas said...
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Alberto Rojas said...

That's right Gopal. Indian States that even have their own language and different religion, and however, Iberia-American countries that have the same language and virtually the same story and religion, determined to be separate.


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