11 Nov 2011

Fathers on Education - Part 2.

I clicked these portraits across Mumbai for a presentation made by a speaker (I'm not sure if it was actually used though) at the recently concluded Thinkfest in Goa about the common man and his views on education.


Name: Hakim Khan
Has 4 children. 3 girls and a boy. The boy is not the youngest. They study in a Government School in UP.
Location: Vashi Node
Home: UP

Education: Education is probably better in Mumbai, but I can’t afford to have the family and give them an education here. The cost of living in Mumbai is too much. But UP is also a place that is only for the rich. Who cares for me, I have no money.


Name: Usman
Has 4 children. And had to think a bit before he could tell me which class/grade they were studying.
Location: Fort
Home: Antop Hill

Education: I earn a few rupees and say and live from day to day. (He means that he has more urgent needs to worry about than his children's education)


Name: Prakash Govind Surti
Has 2 children. They study in an English Medium School in Bhayandar.
Location: Fort
Home: Bhayandar

Education: Higher education is a Takleef Galli (difficult road for him, money-wise). But it’s a road we should take. That’s my duty. It’s up to the children to study though. And I think they will understand.


Curry Spice said...

these portraits and stories are brilliant. I feel like I want to hear more and more such stories. Im going to share this with my mom. She will love this series.
Who was the speaker? What was the premise of his talk?

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you.

The premise of the talk, I think, was about the education system in India. Unfortunately, I don't have the details. I just clicked pictures and asked questions.

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