29 Nov 2011

Govandi to Malegaon

Dr Salman Farsi. The Unani Doctor from Govandi who was picked up by the police after the Malegaon blasts.

Blasts in Malegaon, damage in Govandi.

We still don't know who planted the bombs that went off a few months back in the Khau Gallis of South Mumbai. Mumbai Police has not been able to crack the case yet. And unlike in earlier blasts, no one has been blamed and arrested for the bombings yet.

They have not arrested anybody because 7 people like Dr Salman Farsi were arrested following the Malegaon blast and had to be released on bail (and will most probably be legally free in a few months) because the court found them innocent.

This time, the cops will have to work hard for a change and find real culprits.

You can read the stories of the men and their families here: How do you keep the faith? By Sai Manish. Tehelka Impact story about 7 Muslims from Malegaon who spent 5 unjust years in jail including our own Arthur Road jail.

These images, the extra shots are from the home of Dr Salman Farsi in Malegaon.

Dr Salman Farsi and his wife, who is also a physician ran a clinic is Govandi when he was picked up after the blasts. While he was away in jail, his wife moved to Malegaon, Dr Salman's hometown. For days after he was picked up, cops would visit the frightened family and ask where Dr Salman was hidden while everyone knew that he was jailed. She then moved to Malegaon and in a quiet MHB colony, started life afresh with her three children.

Dr Salman came back home to a pleasant surprise. A nice neighbourhood clinic and the cosmetics he saw she was also selling made him smile. That's not a traditional Unani label. But he had missed 5 of the most important years of his children's lives.

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