5 Nov 2011

Santa Cruz (W)

Naughty cookies.

There are things you discover if you manage to become invisible behind a camera. Like this time when I was shooting images of a lady who makes naughty cakes for parties that are meant to shock and make people giggle.

After a while the women forget that I'm there with a camera and I discover that men and their obsessiveness with breasts pale in comparison with what women feel for pricks. That's the number 1 imagery that gets women salivating when made into a cake.

So guys, they are as simple as us. It also explains why penis enlargement ads (and breast enlargement for women) are so common. Go for them. Men can be happy, being pricks and nothing else, to women, no matter what they claim.

If a woman calls you a prick, maybe it's a compliment. You also know what to order when you order naughty cakes for men and women. Breasts and Penis.


"meg"ha punater said...

hahahaha lol

pRiyA said...

Your write up is as wicked as the goodies man.
Tell them to open a branch in Bangalore.

Pooja Mahimkar said...

lol.. ill visit them sumday :P

the.manjit said...

hahahaha.. this is so bloody crazy!

Sneha Prasad said...

Where is this place in Santa Cruz??

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