22 Nov 2011

SVP Nagar, Andheri (W)

Beautician and her beast.
Extra shots from Time Out: Behind The Scene story. Inside the city's only prosthetic make-up studio.

It only takes a micro-second to turn any man into a beast. Tickle him the right way and the rage shoots up from his brains that hang below his abdomen, to his face.

However, Ritu Janjani uses a longer technique to bring about the transformation and it works on men, women, and kids. Unlike male aggression, they transformation lasts long enough to shoot a movie or a TV serial.

Here's how Ritu transformed her husband Kiran without anybody getting hurt.

Here's a Michael Jackson avtaar.

And some advertising.


Curry Spice said...

Ya Id be scared if I saw him.. scarred too.

Pradeep said...


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