27 Nov 2011

Worli Village

Extra Gems?
Extra shots from Sunaina Kumar's Anti-party Party story for Tehelka: Come on Barbie, let's not party?

It was Shaa'ir + Func who went around distributing Gems and being the panda from the Cadbury Gems ad at this anti-party which is nothing but a staged house party. Maybe it's a good idea for a city with pigeon-hole houses.

Some more shots:

This old but young man is a permanent fixture at most parties.


Radha said...

Wow, love the new experiments you are coming up with!
This red-series is superb Gopal :)

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Thank you. :) This was one time I wished I had a better camera. The light was very interesting and a better sensor would have helped :(

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