27 Dec 2011

Kurla + Dongri + Chuim + Madh

"जानवरका" शहर

Forget Dogs Vs Cats, Anna Vs Shard Pawar, Pandu Vs Bhais, Middle Class Vs Autowallas. This city has more goats, hens and in some places, ducks, pecking scratching and being eaten by each other including us.

Ducks and cats are fed from the same pail in most Mumbai villages. The leftover fish curry from the houses are mixed with water and poured into them. And as usual, the crows try their best to steal the best pieces.

I'm calling her Matsyagandha. She didn't know what to do with this rat she caught. Played with the scared little rat for half an hour and got distracted by this net smelling of fish. The little rat lived. I'll call him Jerry Bhai.


crypticrow said...

well put..all of it.
the last pic so STARK, DARK, COLD, RUTHLESS (one of your bestest shots i feel) is making me feel SUPER GUILTY! :(

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Well, it's OK. There would be no chicken in the world if we didn't eat them.

Anika said...

AMAZING. I'm obsessed.

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