15 Dec 2011

Madh Village

Sailing between the Old and the New. Chal Nakhva

Social Networks of Mumbai Series: Team Sagar.

The fevicol that prevents the disintegration of order and adds sanity to the madness called Mumbai are the thousands of mohalla, gaothan and other local social networks of able, young men of Mumbai. Rooted to the local, these bhumiputras and several sea-faring ones are key to many of the good things in this chaotic city.

Team Sagar belongs to Madh Village, a short hop from Versova and in the path of a highway that will allow us to travel non-stop from town to Borivli and beyond. If the local village survives that Juggernaut procession of our four-wheeler raths and manages to retain a few aspects of the existing way of life. It will because of these young men.

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