28 Dec 2011

MMRDA Grounds. BKC

Uncle Anna Wants You.

Gandhi, Tilak, Netaji and trying to be elevated to the same league - Anna.

Jhanda. Topi.
The Anna Cult of Personality

The crowd isn't that big and mMost of the people seem to be regular people who travel by train and bus. But there were people from all sections of society walking in but mainly to be part of the Anna Movement last evening.

The speeches from the stage are disappointing and just plain rant and slogans against corruption. Depth - a few inches. The Lok Sabha debate that was being beamed on the large screen without sound was probably better.

OK. We all know that we have a bad government at the centre and there is no point repeating it. It would have been nice if they used this expensive stage for a proper debate and not just sloganeering. And I don't think it was a good idea for having the children rant from the stage just because the sutradar thought that bachcha bachcha janta hain ki...

But this is India. The crowd, the mob, even this one which is not hired using biryani and spirit is not interested in a debate. Just decibels. And for Anna.

They are all here to see Anna and tell their children that they were here. Those woth kids brought them along. Bought Anna Topi for 10 Rupaiya. Flags for 50 and shouted Anna Hazare Zindabad.

A lot of complimentary copies of this magazine were floating around.

The evening headlines before the parliament counted the Ayes, Noes and what they do best to avoid responsibility - walk-outs.

Anna's amplifiers

Strange bedfellows - Anna and PETA.

The ISKCON wallas were here too. Still selling Gita and making money since the spotlight was on their controversy thanks to some idiots in some krishna-forsaken town, with a population of a typical Mumbai Co-operative Housing Society, in Siberia. Hare Lakshmi before Hare Krishna. And yes, Shubh labh.

Anna CDs about RTI, Jan Lok Pal and his work in his gaon.

Anna Topi. Rs. 5

Me Anna

Dressed for television.

A volunteer t-shirt.

This farmer from marathwada supports all parties and carries their flag on a padayatra all around maharashtra. While he was at MMRDA a man approached him for a small role in a Marathi movie he plans to shoot in Wai. The flagbearer of the nation and its many political parties looked confused. The filmwalla was surprised that the Shetkari didn't have a mobile number. He however has legs that keep him mobile.

A family from interior Maharashtra who came for the protest.

War Cry: I'm signing up for the final assault.

And finally an old song by Living color: Cult of personality:


crypticrow said...

great post, gopal!
want to comment but would rather not. your pictures say a lot already!

Anonymous said...

this is really awesome journalism!!

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