22 Dec 2011

Vile Parle (E)

Work Space Mumbai Series: Autorickshaw Meter Repairwalla.

The taxiwallas have no problems using electronic meters. All the new taxis in town come with one. Their meters also seem to run at a lower speed than the autorikshawallas who continue to use mechanical meters. But that depends on the autowalla who is piloting you.

There's a system in place to calibrate and repair the meters that autowallas use. They need a permission from the RTO to open it up and there are authorised mechanics to do the job. These pictures are from one such establishment in Vile Parle where I had gone along with another Mumbai explorer Matt Daniels. Thank you, Matt!

They are touchy about their meters.


Radha said...

nice images Gopal :)

Did you ask him how some drivers tweak their meters to run faster? :)

Slogan Murugan aka M S Gopal said...

Yes. There are some bad eggs who have been bused recently. It's actually simple, tweak a few rotating parts and meter will run like a fast forward Rajni dance step

Marijke said...

Dont touch me lol
well the 3 wheelers are something special always ngociate abt the prizes As a not Indian or Sri Lankan.Tx for sharing my friend

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