26 Jan 2012

JJ Flyover

Bridges of Mumbai 2: What we fly over. The JJ Flyover.

This design of the bridge and the place underneath is very similar to another bridge or flyover in Bangalore and serves the same purpose - the city market.

Both these places are also the best place to shoot street photographs in these cities - mainly because the people are friendly here and are too busy minding their own business.

Here's an old photo of the Bangalore City Market flyover.


Shilpa said...

Picture no. 5 - it reminds me of what has always fascinated and disturbed me about JJ flyover - the way it snakes, monstrous, through the narrow roads of the Mumbai it covers. You can see inside the chawls it goes past when you're in it. I like that you're finding time to click the physical city again :)

Anonymous said...

great pics, i also have many - but yours are real neat,
i am studying this flyover, will ask you help on some things-

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